The Growth of Digital Audio Ads

Jul 2017  RadioWorks Blog

Over the last few years, we have seen a surge in digital audio advertising with 22.3 million peoplelistening to digital audio every week in the UK. (an increase of more than 40% since 2014.) Oliver Deane Director of Commercial Digital at Global, recently reflected on how the industry has evolved and what we can expect to see in the next three years. Highlights from the article are below:

How has digital audio evolved?

  •  The development of programmatic ad buying has allowed brands to advertise across a range of publishers through a single buying point.
  • There have also been advances in targeting. Being able to target specific demographics through digital audio has meant marketers can ensure their messaging is being received by consumers who are most likely to engage with it.But users also watch videos or actively browse songs and artists, so video and display ads also have a place.
  • The introduction of dynamic and personalised audio allows brands to target consumers on the move in real time, in moments that are relevant to them. When paired with other media channels, this has led to increased effectiveness by adding reach, relevance, and engagement to an advertising campaign.
  • DAX launched the Listener ID tool to allow brands to accurately track and measure how successful their campaigns have been: tracking performance, interaction, and listener behaviour to deliver real and meaningful results.

The future of digital audio

  • Figures suggest that 30 million people will be consuming digital audio by 2020.
  • The current podcast audience of 5.5 million is predicted to grow to 10 million by 2020 as the range of podcasts available will continue to diversify.
  • Researchers have predicted that, by 2020, 30% of web browsing will be done without a screen. Artificial intelligence, and in-home devices are going to open more opportunities for advertisers, with more ads being served aurally.

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