IAB UK – Sound Investment Seminar

Aug 2016  
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Last Wednesday, we attended the IAB UK’s Sound Investment seminar, where the IAB Audio Council showed us the latest developments and offerings in online audio, and showcased the greatest in audio creative.

19.4 million people now listen to digital audio in the UK, and this figure is growing at a rapid rate.

During the seminar, we learnt about the art of personalisation and how the digital audio space is allowing us to become more personal with our messaging. We also saw a great case study from Ford, which enabled us to see how the car giant programmatically targets audiences across a vast number of digital audio providers.

There were some fascinating insights into digital audio over the afternoon; we even found out that there are over 39,000 active shower playlists on Spotify! The streaming platform has now streamed over 10 billion hours’ worth of music, which is very impressive!

Our very own Neil Cowling, Creative Development Director at Maple Street Studios and Simon Pearce from DigitalAudioWorks, were also on hand to give us an insight into the world of podcasting – explaining what it is and the value it has for brands.

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