Ikea and Sonos introduce all-new lamp and shelf speaker

Jul 2019  RadioWorks Blog


Smart tech is growing rapidly and becoming a key piece in the modern home. Ikea has never shied away from the idea of smartening up its products and its latest collaboration with Sonos is no exception. The two are bringing the ‘Symfonisk’ range, consisting of multi-functioning devices, to homes across the globe. The Symfonisk’ will feature a shelf and lamp with built-in speakers as shown in the image above.

According to recent surveys, smart speaker listening is up 9% from last quarter and has made huge strides in the last 12 months. With a reach increase from 3.7M to 6.2M, it’s no wonder why the Swedish retailer has decided to embed the Sonos sound into their products in this unique way. And while there isn’t a built-in AI feature, the Sonos app on smartphones acts as the main controller with physical play/pause and volume buttons also present on the speaker.

Head of Ikea’s Home Smart division, Björn Block commented: “When we launched smart lighting [in 2017], we launched a gateway kit so you could control the whole home. Block also highlights that the collaboration with Sonos is a long-term one that will eventually see the design of smart home speakers for every room of the house.

The long-anticipated dual-purpose speakers will hit the shelves on August 1st, 2019.


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