Instore Radio – the future?

Jan 2016  
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Last week we found out that coffee giant Starbucks is looking to digital audio solutions to uplift its in-store experience.

Gone are the days where big brands simply play their favourite album of the week on the shop floor. The likes of Superdrug and Asda have their very own radio station playing in the background of all stores, and of course here at RadioWorks, we can help you with any commercial opportunities that you might want to look into.

In America, Starbucks have linked up with Spotify so that customers using the Starbucks mobile app can discover the curated songs that are playing in-store. From there, they can be saved to a playlist to catch up with later.

The feature means a much more interactive and social experience for the customer, whilst also informing them about the store’s loyalty programme and Spotify’s features.

We are looking forward to this making its way to the UK and wonder if we will eventually be able to decide what songs are playing in the stores we are purchasing in? Perhaps the next step will be to add our songs to a wishlist playlist in stores, almost creating an online jukebox.


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