Music Influences Consumers’ Brand Preferences

Mar 2016  
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Jo McCrostie and Les Binet

Studies have proved that music has the power to move us emotionally – but data now suggests that it can also be effective at influencing consumers’ brand preferences.

Jo McCrostie, Creative Director of Global Radio and Les Binet, Head of effectiveness at Adam & Eve/DDB discussed in Campaign last week, how they’re refining the use of audio in advertising.

Highlights include:

Les Binet: “Music increases attention, recall and purchase intent. And our research with the IPA suggests that getting the music right can increase effectiveness by 20-30 per cent. One of the most important forms of audio is still radio. If you include online, theaverage Briton listens to nearly 2.5 hours of radio a day, which is second only to TV. Radio can be a very emotional medium.”

Jo McCrostie: “Music affects us psychologically but also physiologically, and this is most effective with headphones. We’re excited to be exploring the opportunities this presents for advertisers and how creatively you can experiment with changing listeners’ mind states. For example, sonic neurotechnologies such as binaural beat frequencies can change brainwave states to suit a specific task in hand. Now, if you can alter mind states by music, that surely creates opportunities for us?”

Les Binet: “That is the great thing about audio: it creates massive opportunities for advertisers, in terms of long-term brand-building and immediate sales activation. Sales efficiency directly influences the return, which brands make on their marketing investment. IPA data suggests that campaigns including radio have a much higher financial return than those that do not.”

The full article can be found here.

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