Apr 2017  RadioWorks Blog

It’s an exciting time for digital radio right now. A handful of new digital stations are about to launch across the UK, so see below for some new stations that you can tune into:

Upload Radio: Fancy creating your own radio programme? Well now you can! Upload Radio, which launched today on DAB in Surrey, Wrexham and Gloucestershire, allows users to create and upload their own radio programmes. You can buy an hour of airtime to broadcast anything you want, within Ofcom guidelines of course! Each area will follow its own schedule, allowing users to buy slots in any or all areas.

Fix Radio: Fix Radio, a new London DAB station aimed at tradespeople will launch at 7am on Wednesday 26th April and will give away 20,000 bacon butties over the first 40 days of broadcasting.

Forever FM: Fictitious radio station Forever FM – as heard on BBC 1’s Car Share – has been turned into a real thing and put on the small-scale DAB multiplex in Manchester. Forever FM says it will broadcast no news, and will just play uplifting singalong music 24-hours a day.

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