New Podcast Series: S-Town

Feb 2017  
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We’ve mentioned the Serial podcast to you all a number of times in the last few years, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, where have you been!?

If however, you were one of the millions that did listen and turned into a true crime obsessive, then we have some very interesting news for you!

The team behind Serial has formed a new production company: the aptly named Serial Productions. The company’s first upcoming project: S-Town is a seven part series about a man who despises the Alabama town he’s lived in his whole life and decides to do something about it and it will be hosted by This American Life producer Brian Reed.

The podcast is scheduled to go live in March (although no specific date has yet been provided), with all episodes going out simultaneously. The arrival of S-Town marks the highest-profile podcast attempt at a fully serialised narrative, which has been designed for binge-listening purposes.

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