New Research on radio traffic and travel released

Jan 2017  
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Last Wednesday some of the RadioWorks team attended the launch of GTN’s new research: Traffic and Travel in a Connected World.

The report looks into the usage of traffic and travel information sources, as well as people’s current attitudes and opinions towards them. The research is based on a large scale quantitative study involving 2000 listeners from all over the UK.

Five key findings from listeners that took part in the study include:

  • 91% typically seek their traffic and travel information from the radio when in the car
  • 79% will turn up the volume on their radio during traffic and travel bulletins
  • 74% get their traffic and travel information from the radio whilst getting ready each morning.
  • 56% prefer to listen to a radio station that has traffic and travel bulletins
  • 48% will seek an alternative station if the one they are currently listening to does not provide updates.

The study also found that radio is the trusted medium for travel and traffic updates. Radio came to mind far more spontaneously than online sources such as Google Maps, Apps and Satnav systems.

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