Podcast advertising works: 4 reasons why podcasts should be part of your marketing strategy

Aug 2020  RadioWorks Blog

podcast advertising works
          Written by Dana Zoje | Marketing Manager

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With over 10 million listeners in the UK, and close to a million active podcasts to enjoy, the explosion of the medium has become loud and clear. Can you remember a time when podcasts weren’t a part of our daily lives? For me, the discovery of podcasts was a huge bonus given my propensity to feel nauseous when reading a book or blog on a rickety commute. People love them because they love passive content; content that is available to consume whilst doing other things. With so much to offer listeners, brands are now aware that it’s worth investing in this form of media, as their customers are choosing to listen to this type of entertaining and interesting content, wherever and whenever – something that can’t always be said for other mediums. Podcast advertising works in so many ways – here are 4 reasons why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Meaningful and impactful

Podcast advertising is a dream for brands. The growing popularity stems from the medium’s world-class content, ranging across an insanely broad mix of topics. Today, listeners have access to hundreds of thousands of shows and can enjoy them in a uniquely personal way, via their smartphone, on a morning commute, or an evening jog.

This is not only meaningful to the user, but to advertisers as well. The direct and intimate nature of podcasts amplifies brand messaging, allowing advertisers to communicate with listeners in an incredibly impactful way. Because of this intimacy, audiences are more engaged with podcasts than many other media, and as a result, “76% say they have acted on a brand message within a podcast” (Acast, 2018).

Impressive brand recall

Podcast advertising works for several reasons. One of the key attributes is the potential for impressive brand recall. As we’ve said before, Acast reported that 76% of people said that they had followed up on a podcast ad or sponsored message. In addition, 37% said an ad had led them to seek out further information on a product, and 24% were even prompted to visit a brand’s website.

Understanding US insight is also paramount as it offers an indication of the direction in which UK podcasts are going. In the states, podcasts generate up to 4 times better brand recall than display ads on digital media. The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB), also indicated that in the US, 61% of listeners paid for a product or service that they found out about on a podcast. So ask yourself: does podcast advertising work?

The answer is a resounding yes. This incredibly engaging, awareness-raising medium is an effective channel to welcome new customers into the fold and should be a key part of any brand’s marketing strategy.

Reach the ‘unreachable’

Many mediums fall victim to ad-avoidance. The average person scrolls through hundreds of feet worth of content every day, making it increasingly more difficult to effectively attract attention online. Fortunately, podcasts can provide advertisers access to these tricky to reach consumers.

According to Wondery, podcast advertising creates more memorable ads for brands (+38%) compared to social media. Additionally, 86% of podcast listeners subscribe to a premium video service like Netflix where they are exposed to few to no commercials. Podcasts work like a charm when reaching the ‘unreachable’ and could provide a way to tap into this desirable social media and premium content-loving audience.

Untapped potential

Brands are starting to pay attention to podcasting’s untapped potential. With 65% of listeners tuning in for entire episodes (MIDAS, 2020), this attention-grabbing medium is becoming invaluable for advertisers.

According to predictions from the IAB and PwC, podcast advertising revenue is expected to increase by almost 15%, “nearing $1 billion in 2020.” Having said that, given the relative affordability of audio advertising, compared to visual counterparts, it is clear why podcasts have become an important platform for advertising. And ad insertion is just one slice of the podcast pie – sponsorships and curation are also becoming part and parcel of the podcast advertising landscape.

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