Radio and cars are the perfect match!

Feb 2016  
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A recent survey commissioned by UK Radioplayer, revealed that 8 out of 10 new car drivers would never consider purchasing a vehicle without a radio.

The research comes as the latest UK RAJAR figuresĀ  revealed that a higher proportion of radio listening is being done at the wheel than ever before.

Top line findings include:

  • 84% always or mostly listen to the radio on every journey.
  • 82% of drivers would not consider buying a car without a radio.
  • 75% of all in-car listening is to the radio, even in modern cars
  • 69% of drivers said that they would keep radio in their car over all other entertainment sources. In the UK, this was even stronger at 73%

The survey was carried out on drivers across UK, France and Germany, who had bought one of the top 20 European car brands within the last 3 years, ensuring a fair comparison between radio and alternative audio options (like music streaming and smartphone integrations), present in more modern cars.

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