Radio: The Brand Multiplier

Nov 2016  
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On Wednesday, we attended the launch of the latest RadioCentre research, entitled Radio: The Brand Multiplier.

It shows that by using a combination of audio and AV (audio visual), an ad campaign will be 29% more cost-effective than solely using AV due to the fact that it can increase the number of times a potential customer will consider buying its product.

The research took six brands and six groups of 600 shoppers, and compared the effect of a mix of ads. Some saw just AV ads, some a mix of AV and audio ads, and some no ads at all.

It found that when consumers saw two AV ads, there was a 23% increase in the average number of category entry points. But when a consumer was instead exposed to one AV and two audio ads, there was a 29% increase.

The study concludes that the additional six percent improvement from adding audio, alongside the fact that radio campaigns are less expensive than AV campaigns, makes radio over 20% more cost effective.

Mark Barber, planning director at Radiocentre, claims the study is proof that radio isn’t just a tactical and promotional tool. “Radio has high reach, emotional influence and the ability to build fame, but nobody is using it in quite the right way,” he says. “Advertisers have always thought visual-first,” Barber adds. “This should encourage advertisers to think how their brand sounds. If you get audio right, it’s like earworms. It helps a brand cut through.”

The study also noted that brands perform best when they have distinctive and recognisable audio assets which are strongly associated with the brand and used across TV and Radio. If you’d like us to help you with your radio creative, give us a call on 0207 907 0670.

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