Radio can be a visual medium

Aug 2017  RadioWorks Blog

Radio is without doubt an audio medium but it can also be visual – we have started to see more and more video content from radio stations being posted online as a result.

Global, the owner of a number of top commercial radio stations such as Capital, Heart and Classic FM are already using video successfully to engage with their audiences from short clips via distribution on social media channels to filming radio interviews with celebrities or even concerts.

A recent article from WARC, noted that a particular area that has seen growth over the past year has been two-minute videos of radio hosts’ interactions with the public or guests at current-affairs talk station LBC. These videos are reaching more and more people, showing us that social media definitely plays a part in growing the reach of brands. For example some of those social viewers will be directed to visit Global’s radio station web pages or even the station apps, which means that they will go on to see some non-skippable pre-roll videos. In 2016, Global ran around 200 branded video campaigns, and this is likely to increase in the next few years.

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