Radio loves Monday mornings ~ Radio-Recap

Dec 2013  RadioWorks Blog

‘Love Mondays FM’ was only on air from 7am to 10am and was centered around its namesake; making listeners feel better at the start of the week with healthy food suggestions to improve their Monday mornings. The show also featured special celebrity guests alongside feel-good music and was broadcast from George Lamb’s own studio.

So why radio? What makes this such a good fit for the brand, the medium and the concept?

Radio is the most consumed medium in the mornings for a reason; the output of stations during this time are centered around making its listeners feel good, putting a smile on faces and providing a positive start to the day.

The campaign’s concept is a real testament to the medium, but it doesn’t surprise the team at RadioWorks when we hear advertisers are utilising the well documented and proven effectiveness of radio as the main focus of their campaign. Start 2014 with radio by getting in contact with our team today.

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