Radio on the rise

Aug 2015  RadioWorks Blog

Earlier this month, Ofcom published its annual Communications Market Report. Alongside this quarter’s RAJAR figures, the results show that the commercial radio market is in a great place.

With 89.9% tuning into the radio in Q2 2015 and people spending just over three hours listening each day, radio is still proving to be the most popular medium for discovering new music, even for 16-24 year olds.

Highlights from the report include:

  • National advertising revenue for commercial stations has increased by 17.3%.
  • Community radio revenue has increased year on year for the first time (0.8%) and 26%of community radio income is from on-air advertising.
  • The total revenue gained by the UK commercial radio sector in 2014 was £495m. Over half (£250m) was from national advertising and just over a quarter (£133m) was from local advertising.

For more radio and audio facts, take a look at the report here: The Communications Market 2015 – Radio.

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