Radio is a resilient medium

Aug 2017  RadioWorks Blog

A recent article from European CEO, has noted that radio has proven itself a resilient medium over the last century – consistently able to appeal to new generations despite many saying that it is a ‘dying medium’ due to advances in technology.

The latest RAJAR figures (Q2 2017)show that the average British listener consumes 21.5 hours of radio every week, 61 percent of which is at home and 16 percent at work.

Over the years, radio has evolved and branched out to broadcast everything from news programmes to comedy shows as well as traditional music shows – giving us much more choice in what we are listening to. As a secondary medium, where most people listen whilst doing something else – radio is extremely durable! Professor Guy Starkey, Associate Dean of Global Engagement at Bournemouth University’s Centre for Media History revealed that “newspaper circulation has more than halved in the past 20 years, but radio is listened to by 90 percent of adults in the UK. For comparison, television is 92 percent.”

Recently, we have seen access to radio stations via more devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets – giving consumers new ways to consume content on the move. As the years have gone by, we have seen more and more new stations surfacing and a lot of this is down to expanding radio’s coverage; the UK is at the forefront of DAB service with over 45 percent of all radio listening now done via digital formats (including DAB and DTV).

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