May 2017  RadioWorks Blog

In the last few weeks there have been several new developments in Radio that we have found rather interesting. We are seeing new and exciting things from Team Rock Radio, Celador Radio and Digital Radio UK.

Team Rock Radio have recently announced their fundraising campaign to launch a new rock metal radio station. Primordial Radio, as they are now calling it, is set to be a unique sharing experience of UK rock and metal, combining the personality of radio with the freedom to choose and control through digital streaming.

In other news, Celador Radio have recently purchased 107 JACK fm Berkshire. This recent purchase will mean that JACK fm Berkshire is now owned by The Breezeā€™s parent company, Fire Radio and Sam FM. With 26 radio stations already under their belt, Celador still continues to grow and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

Finally, Digital Radio UK and the Radio Academy North West announces plans for a free radio event on June 13th.
The event is set to be hosted by the Radio Academy NorthWest Chair, John Ryan and an array of speakers will be invited to join in. We should hear various individuals from Radio City, Bauer Network, Nation Radio, Muxco and Digital Radio UK on the day.

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