Radio Text Response Campaigns

Aug 2016  

text response

Recent research by Marketing Architects shows that radio listeners are more responsive than ever when it comes to responding to audio advertising using text response codes.

The survey noted that people are four times more likely to respond to a radio ad via text than call a number.

With most people now carrying mobile phones on them wherever they go, they are able to quickly reach their phone and text a response as soon as they hear a radio ad and have a text keyword provided.

Finding the right keyword for a campaign is vital, for a radio campaign it should be quick and easy to remember. Additionally, a call to action can increase motivation to take action.

The team at RadioWorks and Maple Street Creative have years of experience in this sector, recently working with Amazon on a regional recruitment campaign, who said radio is “very good to reach larger numbers for high volume recruitment and brand awareness”.

So if you want to find out more about how text response campaigns could work for you, give us a call on 020 7907 0670 and we’ll be on hand to help!

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