Radio is UK’s most trusted medium

Nov 2017  RadioWorks Blog

Radio is the most trusted medium for national news stories, while social media is the least trusted, according to a new survey, commissioned by Radiocentre, which asked questions of 1,200 commercial radio listeners.

The results showed that 77% of Brits see radio as a trusted source of national news, with additional strengths in local news too. These are strong results for the radio medium at a time of declining trust in news media, with 61% of respondents noting that they were concerned or very concerned about fake news. Almost three quarters (71%) of listeners agreed that commercial radio provides them with news that they can trust.

During emergencies, radio is favoured by 60% of respondents for reliable news, compared with 40% who turn to television in the same instance. In a time of national emergencies, radio is second only to TV. Two recent emergencies in the UK – the Grenfell Tower Fire in London, and the Manchester bombings, showed local radio stations at the centre of the reporting, providing the resources and coverage, and altering their schedules to keep listeners informed.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Minister of State for Digital says: “Commercial radio continues to play a crucial role in providing news and information for millions of people. Radiocentre’s new research provides a welcome reminder of the value of this coverage whether it’s providing headlines in the morning, updates when travelling in a car or breaking news throughout the day.”

The full report can be found online here.

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