Radioplayer upgrades app to help listeners stay informed

May 2020  RadioWorks Blog

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Radioplayer has introduced several new features to its app, including a Coronavirus Information button on iOS which will allow listeners access to the latest news about the pandemic at the click of a button.

This feature will automatically search all relevant radio stations that offer a selection of live news/speech stations and on-demand/podcast programmes that have the word ‘coronavirus’ in their metadata descriptions.

According to Radioplayer, the app has seen sizable increases in usage during the Covid-19 crisis. In the UK alone, the number of listeners has jumped by 50% between February and March, with similar growth patterns in other countries where Radioplayer is available.

Alongside the Coronavirus Information button, several other innovative features are aimed at making the app easy to use on the move. These include basic voice control (via Siri and Google Assistant), improved Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrations, and a revolutionary safety system called Wrong Way Driver Warning.

Radioplayer MD Michael Hill says: “There has never been a more important time for radio. During a crisis, people need information, entertainment, news, and a human connection. Radioplayer’s always been proud to showcase the amazing content produced by our industry, but with our new Coronavirus Information button we can help people stay informed and stay safe as well.”


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