Radioplayer: transforming in-car listening  

Apr 2019  RadioWorks Blog

User experience is evolving. In the home, we are seeing more and more smart devices; from smart locks and smart fridges to smart lightbulbs and smart switches. And let’s not forget the booming smart speaker category. Our homes are becoming increasingly more intelligent as voice tech ownership doubled in the UK in 2018, rising to almost 10 million monthly active users. The smart home revolution has certainly arrived. Now it’s time to smarten up our cars… And this is precisely what Radioplayer plans to do.  

Radioplayer provides listeners with a simple and easy way to listen to radio via connected devices – and motor vehicles are no exception.  In an effort to continue to innovate radio in cars, Radioplayer is working with the National Association of Broadcasters and car manufacturers to help enhance the in-car radio experienceensuring that car radio continues to keep pace with the evolution of connected dashboards. 

A seamless experience 

Radioplayer is teaming up with automobile manufacturers to improve car antennae to achieve a truly uninterrupted service and elevate the car dashboard for maximum functionality. 

This is Audi’s new e-tron electric car. Fitted with a stunning new radio interface, powered by data from Radioplayer, the dashboard displays station logo and switches between broadcast radio and online streaming automatically for a truly seamless experience. 

Audi e-tron electric car

A safer experience 

Superior user experience and overall ease of use is a top priority for Radioplayer. Searching through menus for stations could be a thing of the past as they become available with a simple voice command. According to recent surveys, drivers reported that voice control is safer than touchscreen controls when driving.  

Radioplayer’s Managing Director Michael Hill also indicates that the hybrid radio experience makes for safer driving and suggests that “the perfect car radio is a blend of broadcast digital radio, FM, internet, and voice, working seamlessly together.”  



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