RadioWorks for Recruitment – Summer Update

Aug 2017  RadioWorks Blog

Here at RadioWorks we’re always looking at different ways we can utilise audio for recruitment campaigns. Something we’ve been talking about a lot recently are podcasts. Whilst the format has been around for a while, we’ve been exploring new and exciting ways of promoting opportunities for recruitment and education clients via the platform.

So for those that aren’t quite sure…

What is a podcast?

  • A podcast is streamed audio content which is downloadable on any device connected to the internet.
  • Hosted on audio on demand platforms such as Acast, Audioboom and TuneIn. Podcasts allow users to listen to quality content of their choosing wherever they go.
  • 90% of users listen to podcasts via their headphones, with 85% on their mobile, there are few mediums which are as intimate, bespoke and personal as podcasts.
  • Podcasts can vary in length, anything from 20 minutes to an hour.
  • Often available weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Why Podcasts for Recruitment?

So why use podcasts for a recruitment campaign, well for starters they give you access to a hugely engaged audience and can place a client next to incredibly relevant content.

  • 70% of podcast users listen while on their commute, what better way to promote job opportunities for your client than at a time when people are actively on their way to and from work. Allowing you to not only reach people who are already thinking about a career change but also a passive audience who may not have considered it before.
  • Podcast listeners are well educated, 73% have a bachelor’s degree, MBA or Masters and 89% said they listen to podcast to expand their knowledge.
  • Video content has an average engagement time of 18 seconds, whilst podcasts have an average engagement time of 22 minutes! It is also much more cost effective to produce a podcast in comparison to a video.
  • Podcasts can also work extremely well for education clients, from advertising around and within entertainment podcasts, targeting a younger audience looking to apply for a further or higher education course or reaching out to those interested in expanding their knowledge and career prospects via a business course.

So how can we use podcasts to reach this audience?

Using audio on demand services such as Acast, Audioboom and TuneIn, we can place ads around podcasts which contain relevant content or target specific audiences. Whether it’s advertising around sport podcasts to specifically reach a male audience, or focusing on podcasts popular with females. We can also utilise financial podcasts such as The Economist or The Financial Times to promote senior finance roles to an affluent, well-educated audience.

Alternatively we can create bespoke branded podcasts specifically for your client. These can cover a wide range of topics and cover anything from a series of fly on the wall programmes showcasing the core brand values and culture within an organising and promoting the highlights of working there, to creating content for a University.

More importantly how do we create a podcast?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that podcasts are easy to create!

Our creative team at Maple Street Creative have been making award-winning radio and audio programes for 15 years and are happy to talk to you further if you are thinking about creating a branded podcast for your client.

They can take you through the whole process from production, format and planning, through to hosting, promoting and reporting.

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