RadioWorks Roundup: ‘Podcasts: What’s The Point’ podcast coming soon, Radiocentre releases ‘Hear and Now’ research and RadioWorks talks RAJAR

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RadioWorks Roundup

What a week we’ve just had! Industry folk nationwide partook in a weeklong celebration of Radio and Audio thanks to Radiocentre. Our very own Maple Street Creative partnered with Radio Audio Week to answer the ultimate and much anticipated question, ‘Podcasts: What’s The Point. And let’s not forget RAJAR, which revealed yet another increase in Commercial Radio listenership and record highs in Digital listening! In case you missed out, here’s what you need to know.


This year, the Radio and audio industry united once again for the second ‘Radio Audio Week’. Jam-packed with various events, we celebrated everything from Radio to the bourgeoning of Podcasts, and tuned in as hundreds of Radio stations across the UK united on air for a Mental Health Minute.

As proud partners of the Radio Audio Week, RadioWorks Group’s production arm, Maple Street Creative, sought to debunk some myths about podcasts.

COMING SOON: Stay tuned to listen to Maple Street Creative’s esteemed panel of experts, along with special guest Edith Bowman, as we dispel the fiction and deliver the facts about pods.

Hear and Now Study

Last year, Radiocentre and Ebiquity teamed up to launch, ‘Re-Evaluating Media’,  an in-depth study on the value of different media. The study urged advertisers to re-evaluate the use of traditional media such as Radio. This year, Radiocentre announced its latest research, Hear and Now, which reveals the benefits in relevant targeting in boosting ad effectiveness. Here are the highlights:

Listeners relish relevant Radio ads

For advertisers, Radio presents a unique opportunity to significantly strengthen ad effects “by speaking to people at pertinent times, and at scale.” By doing so:

    • Engagement with advertising rises by 23% as a result of the ads being more personally relevant.
    • Compared to a range of other TV and Radio campaigns, the test ads rose from 53rd to 94th percentile when heard in a relevant context (i.e. performing better than 94% of all other ads measured).
    • Ads that are creatively tailored to the moment deliver the largest effects – top performers achieved a 70% increase in engagement and 40% increase in memory encoding.

Radio is a ‘mood-booster’

People tend to tune in to Radio to help elevate their mood. According to the study, we “are twice as happy when listening to radio compared to when not consuming any media.”

People process messages from Radio – even on autopilot.

Hear and Now, dispels the myth that people do not process Radio advertising whilst doing other things, such as cooking, driving, exercising and working. The reality is that these activities aren’t a hindrance, but can strengthen messages from  Radio.

The study proved that listeners were “able to absorb the detail of Radio ads when they are participating in tasks or activities as effectively as when engaged in… TV viewing and other experiences.”

RadioWorks talks RAJAR

Commercial Radio listening rises again, digital listening is at a record high and Chris Evans’ Breakfast reaches a whopping 1m listeners!

What did we think of this quarter’s RAJAR? Our Marketing and Insights team talk through this quarter’s results.

Read the results in detail >


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