RadioWorks use the World’s first Self-Serve Audio Ad platform from Spotify

Mar 2018  RadioWorks Blog

RadioWorks have created a recruitment campaign for their regional office using Spotify’s new Ad Studio Service – an online platform for buying Spotify audio campaigns, which has only just been publicly launched in the UK today.

RadioWorks have been working with Spotify to create audio advertising campaigns for nearly 10 years and their expertise in the audio advertising field has meant that they were one of the first to test out the new Ad Studio prior to public launch. Putting their money where their mouth is, RadioWorks are currently running a recruitment campaign to find the perfect candidate to join them in the company’s regional office in Carlisle.

The advert has used Spotify’s advanced location targeting to reach Spotify listeners in close proximity to their Regional office, and targets their core demographic of 18-35 year olds. RadioWorks have bought the media and created the display ad in house whilst using Maple Street Creative, part of the RadioWorks Group, to script and produce the ad.

This is another Spotify and RadioWorks ‘media first’ as the audio advertising specialist bought the media for the first ever recruitment campaign to run on Spotify in 2009 for TMP Worldwide and their client Jaguar/Land Rover. The campaign was designed to attract potential applicants to its graduate scheme via a bespoke website. The campaign had strong CTRs and using both display and audio delivered combined CTRs of 0.42%.

Emma Hill, Regional Business Director at RadioWorks said The campaign has had a 0.46% click through rate already, and it is not even finished yet! This is a great set of results already, especially when compared to the audio average CTR of 0.16%.

We always ensure that our audio campaigns reach the right people at the right time, and Spotify Ad Studio has provided further tools needed to create and manage audio campaigns efficiently using our knowledge of the digital audio space.Having daily reporting updates allows us to track and adjust specific demographics in real time to ensure the campaign is fully optimised.

We have been working with Spotify since before their launch and our years of commercial experiences are regularly shared with our partners interested in advertising for a wide variety of both brand and recruitment campaigns on Spotify.”

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