RAJAR Q2 2016 – The headlines

Aug 2016  
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Last Thursday, 4th August, we received the latest radio listening figures for the UK.

All eyes were on the new stations broadcasting on the second national digital multiplex and we also saw commercial radio gaining more listeners than the BBC.

Highlights from this quarter’s results are below:

Virgin Radio reported an impressive 409,000 listeners. The last time Virgin Radio was in the UK it had 2.3m before it rebranded to Absolute Radio.

Other new stations, talkSPORT2 delivered 285,000 listeners and talkRADIO posted 224,000 listeners.

Chill’s first results gives the digital station 135,000 listeners whilst The Arrow has 56,000.

Mellow Magic debutted on the national multiplex with 380,000 weekly listeners, whilst Magic Chilled pullsed in 233,000.

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