Re-Evaluating Media Research

Mar 2018  RadioWorks Blog

Last Wednesday Radiocentre launched their latest research project, Re-evaluating Media. The study, conducted by Ebiquity, explores the value of media for brand advertising – something that is extremely useful for all of us working in the media industry.

The findings are based on the biggest ever analysis of published UK media research from over 75 industry sources, combined with in-depth interviews with over 100 senior advertiser and agency media decision makers, meaning that Re-evaluating Media delivers a balanced perspective on the value of individual media for brand building.

The most important media attributes identified were targeting, reach, brand salience, emotional response and ROI. Overall radio performs very well in these areas and it is ranked a close second behind TV based on the overall evidence in this study. The research also points to the fact that the power of radio currently remains undervalued in the media marketplace.

Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radiocentre said: “In commissioning Re-evaluating Media we set out to understand the difference between perception and reality in the importance of individual media channels for advertisers. Ebiquity’s study encompasses the broadest-ever analysis of secondary research, providing an independent and balanced evidence-based perspective on the value of different media for brand building campaigns, making it essential reading for anyone involved in the advertising process.”

Emily Turnbull, Managing Director at RadioWorks commented: “Brands have been under-investing in radio for a long time, due to the misconception that other channels are more effective at brand-building. These latest findings provide a balanced evidence-based perspective and shows, what we’ve known to be true for a long time through seeing it first hand – that radio builds strong brands. Advertisers and agencies should not neglect audio advertising when thinking about the overall marketing mix as radio’s a cost-effective way to extend reach, build brand salience and optimise return on investment.

We know radio’s the most trusted medium and earlier last week the industry announced record breaking revenues in 2017. Combined with this research, the adoption of digital audio and the rise of voice-connected devices, it’s all further proof that radio is in the best shape ever and we hope that Ebiquity’s report will push the importance of audio branding up the agenda.”

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