Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher to host XFM show

Feb 2013  Radio News

The friends will present a new programme in March in the build-up to the charities gigs at the Royal Albert Hall, which were curated by Gallagher.
The event marks a return to radio for Brand after the much publicised “Sachsgate” fair that landed both himself and Jonathan Ross in trouble. 
Gallagher said: “Xfm asked me if I wanted to do my own radio show leading up to this year’s TCT concerts. I said, I have a better idea. Why don’t we resurrect whats-his-name’s career? That hairy skinny-legged yogameister, Rustle Brand? Last seen shaming the nation at them Olympics…
“It’ll be great to remind people how colossal me, Matt Morgan and Mr Gee were on that bloody show before ‘Arthur’ got us all the sack. Tune in and see if I’m wrong.”
Brand added: “I miss radio. It was lovely when we did the show. It’ll be great to get the old team back together.”
The shows begin on the 19th of March and continue till the 25th. 

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