Spotify and audio programmatic

Aug 2016  
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Jana Jakovljevic, Spotify head of programmatic, spoke to Campaign recently about programmatic audio and the importance of targeted ads.

Last week, Spotify introduced the option for audio programmatic across mobile and desktop, enabling real-time bidding. Thirty million of Spotify’s users subscribe to Spotify’s premium service, an ad-free option, but the other 70 million will now hear 15- to 30-second ads targeted at their musical tastes and demographic profiles.

According to Jana, Spotify’s 100 million global users spend on average more than two hours a day on the platform. Spotify, which is available in 59 markets around the world, has seen interest for programmatic ad buying for its display and video, and predicts that its audio option will be just as popular.

For Spotify’s platform, programmatic audio ads will be automatically inserted into music streams. Marketers will have access to Spotify’s databank to target users based on their age, gender, playlist selections and genre preferences.

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