Spotify founder and CEO speaks out

Feb 2016  
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Spotify is the market leader when it comes to music streaming and last week, Daniel Ek, the founder and CEO of Spotify underwent an online Q&A with Quora.

Three key takeaways from his interview can be found below:

  1. He didn’t build Spotify to sell it
  2. The future of Spotify is ‘soundtracking moments’
  3. Had Spotify launched in the USA, it wouldn’t be alive today.

Asked how Spotify will continue to compete with the likes of Apple, Amazon, YouTubeand Google, Ek responded by saying “I believe in focus”. “All of the companies you mention have music as a hobby, a very small part of their overall business.

“We do one thing and try to do it really well. This means we have a company 100% dedicated to finding the right content, personalizing it for you and serving it up with partners who are specialized in what they do.”

Our creative arm, Maple Street Studios, work with Spotify on a number of projects. Keep an eye out for an update from them later this week!

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