Spotify Launch Native Ad Experience

Oct 2016  
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Spotify has hit the headlines again during the past week for a number of reasons; from a new American TV talent show that promotes or kicks out contestants based on their Spotify rankings to looking at the company’s revenue figures, which show Spotify UK to be profitable, despite a fall in advertising revenue compared to the previous year.

 Last week, Spotify also launched their newest native ad experience: Branded Moments – an advertising solution that enables brands to engage their audience in real-time moments.

Spotify claim that they have unique insights into what consumers are doing at any given time, especially when they click on a playlist marked for certain occasions, which make its ads more valuable to marketers.

Based around six categories: chill time, workout, party, dinner, focus and sleep, the branded moments are and are in the form of vertical video ads. These play when Spotify Free listeners first load a playlist and give the listener 30 minutes of commercial-free listening music afterwards.

Throughout the 30 minutes, however, more display ads will appear on the screen when the listener looks at the app. An example of how Branded Moments will work can be seen here.

Branded Moments officially launched in beta last week. They plan on launching in select additional markets in early 2017, so we will keep you updated on all the latest developments.

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