The new Blackberry Z10 to be promoted on Absolute

Feb 2013  Radio News

The Geoff Lloyd Hometime promotion will highlight BlackBerry Balance. This technology enables customers to have both a ‘Personal’ and a ‘Work’ profile, so they can keep information from both sides of their life separate and completely secure from one other.

Lloyd and his team have also developed an in-show feature and competition mechanic with handsets and other prizes on offer. Listeners can pre-register on a BlackBerry Z10 microsite at

Hopefuls will provide brief information for separate ‘Work’ and ‘Personal’ sections. Two contestants will be selected daily to speak to Geoff on-air and will be given one minute to answer as many quick-fire questions on their ‘Personal’ interests as possible. However, Geoff will intermittently ask questions about the listeners’ ‘Work’ life to which they must answer ‘I’ve Switched Off Work Geoff’. If they fail to do so, they will be out of the competition. Whoever answers the most questions right, and successfully avoids ‘Work’ questions with the desired response will be the ultimate winner.

The online hub at will highlight new BlackBerry 10 features, educating listeners on how the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone offers an experience that adapts to users’ needs. 

Emma Smyth, Head of Sponsorship at Absolute Radio said: “BlackBerry will become an integral part of the daily dialogue between Geoff, co-host Annabel Port and their loyal listeners during the promotion. The added value of the Leona Graham show, micro site and mobile app collaborations add real weight to the campaign.”

The Absolute Radio Hometime Show sponsorship will air from 15th-22nd February. The Absolute Radio evenings’ sponsorship with Leona Graham and online hub will run from 15th February-8th March 2013. Both Absolute Radio Player App and Absolute Radio Live Scores are available for download on the BlackBerry World  storefront:

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