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Sep 2018  RadioWorks Blog

One of the biggest challenges working in London is the bubble. No, not the constant smog above us or the things fizzing in our drinks. But forgetting that London is unique to the rest of the country. Getting out of this mindset is particularly important when capturing the hearts and minds of commuters in recruitment advertising. Media plans often reflect an overcrowded tube, rather than the humble car. Despite driving 36% of the UK population to work.

Audio is imperative to the commuters’ car experience, 82% of drivers listen to the radio and at 8.30am 8.1M commuters listen to audio while travelling in the car (IPA Touchpoints 2017). The car removes commuters’ ability to easily consume online, print and video advertising, which traditionally eats up lions’ share of budgets.

While we are stuck in an overcrowded tube, in car audio seems to be going through a bit of a renaissance period. Smart screens have opened doors to Spotify and Apple apps, encouraging more listening opportunities. Alexa interfaces are being fitted to dashboards, while voice seems to make driving safer*. Michael Hill from Radioplayer is working hard to future proof the stereo, ensuring it remains cutting edge next to all the new gadgets.

In the recruitment world, reaching commuters in the work frame of mind is essential as 73% of candidates are passive job seekers (LinkedIn 2018). So, unless drivers are rushing to the airport for a nice midweek holiday, in car audio becomes an ideal medium to speak to future candidates.

*Source: Voice Control- Towards the perfect car radio (A partnership between Radio UK and Radioplayer)

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