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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s that time of year when we start to look back at all the great things we’ve done/made. Campaign have compiled a list of the top ten radio ads of 2015 and it got us thinking what our favourite ads have been this year.

Neil Cowling, Maple Street Studio’s top creative guy has picked his top three…

  1. TENA Men – Cat choir. By AMV BBDO Everyone loves this. “Create a radio ad about male urine leakage” must have been a fairly daunting prospect. Humour is of course the perfect way to do it. I love radio creative when you can hear that someone’s been allowed to just run with an idea and see how it turns out. This is certainly one of those. Witty, simple, attention grabbing, and brave in a silly way. .
  2. Suntory All Free – “Orchestra”. McCann Erickson Tokyo. Loving an ad when you’ve no idea what the script says has to be a sign that it’s a great piece of creative. The product is a non-alcoholic beer, so clearly some members of the orchestra have been on the sauce. A lovely simple idea, very neatly executed, that deservedly won big awards.
  3. ITV – Coronation Street. By Fresh Air Production / Maple Street Studios Is it outrageous to suggest one of our own?! It was the special live show of Coronation Street, and someone was going to die, so we had to be dark and threatening in 20 seconds. Callum was stalking and pursuing his victims, and the TV execution had him literally chasing them down the street. Voicemail was the perfect audio interpretation of this, and the panicked breathing of the victims was an afterthought that really ramped it up.

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