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Feb 2019  RadioWorks Blog

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Yesterday, the world celebrated ‘National Random Acts of Kindness Day’, a day dedicated to encouraging acts of kindness. What does that have to do with the wonderful world of audio you ask? Well, last year we helped launch a pretty ground-breaking audio campaign with the British Heart Foundation which became the first UK charity to receive donations through an Amazon Alexa.

So, since everyone was busy being benevolent yesterday, we thought we’d take a closer look at how Alexa encourages acts of kindness and more importantly drives significant change in the world today.

Charities using Alexa for GOOD!

With a growing weekly reach of 16%, the smart speaker market continues to flourish in the UK. The Amazon Alexa now has over 70,000 available skills worldwide meaning listeners are able to do so much with their versatile home assistant.

We’ve already seen brands cash in on the growing use of smart speakers and now UK charities are joining the voice tech bandwagon. Here are a few UK Charities channelling positive vibes through Alexa.


NSPCC Alexa donation tool

The Skill: Listen to the Talk PANTS song or play an interactive game that helps children learn the PANTS rules and stay safe. You can also choose to donate to NSPCC’s life-changing work if you want to.


First Aid by British Red Cross

The Skill: Aims to give you the skills and knowledge to feel confident helping someone in a first aid situation.


Breast Cancer Care: Taking care of your breasts

The Skill:  A tool to help you look for changes, signs and symptoms of breast cancer.


Cancer Research UK: My Alcohol Tracker

The Skill:  This skill is designed to help you track your alcohol consumption and get information on the health benefits of cutting down.



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