In times of need, we rely on radio

Mar 2020  RadioWorks Blog

rely on radio

During times of crisis, we find ourselves reaching for the radio even more. Cinemas, bars and stadiums have been forced to close and as a result, radio is stepping in to lift our spirits at a time when we need it most. As weeks go by, more and more people will be tuning in to this channel for companionship, and as our reliance on radio continues to grow, we expect to see a shift in the way listeners engage with brands. Here are a few factors expected to change listening habits and why now is the time to use radio to communicate with your audience.

Adjusting to life at home

In order to practice safe social distancing, many of us have modified our daily routines, leading to more time spent in our houses. Radio is in a fortunate position in these difficult times and currently plays a significant role in the home. According to recent studies, almost 60% of radio’s listening hours are consumed at home weekly, and we predict that with many more people staying indoors, this number will only increase further.

A familiar voice in an unfamiliar world

The reason Brits rely on radio in challenging times is an emotional one. We seek any semblance of positivity and normalcy in times of need. Radio is filling our homes with music, news, entertainment and above all a calming presence throughout the day which, according to the Radiocentre, has a huge influence on people’s happiness and energy. Radio is the “highest scoring medium for these categories in 70% of dayparts across the week” which indicates what an excellent job radio is doing to cheer up the nation.

Ultimately, radio is keeping us comforted and connected with the outside world in an age where leaving our homes may not always be an option. This presents a unique opportunity for advertisers, not only to reach an audience that is more engaged, but also in a positive state of mind.

Quantifying Radio

While the factors we’ve discussed will create meaningful opportunities for brands, it’s equally as important to validate the effectiveness of radio. RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) is confident that its next release, due in May, will have an ample amount of data collected to ensure a robust set of figures.

The research body says: “As far as Q1 is concerned we are confident that we will have sufficient sample to provide published results as planned on Wednesday 13th May. We have also been reviewing how we can continue to provide audience estimates to keep the industry functioning beyond Q1. There are several options open to us and the RAJAR Technical Management Group is working through the details with the research contractors.”

All things considered, we expect to see some interesting changes in listening behaviour over the coming weeks and will keep you up to date with these developments as they occur.

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