What are Interactive Voice Ads and why should brands care?

Mar 2021  RadioWorks Blog

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Interactive Voice Ads are relatively new in terms of ad formats, and yet this unique method of advertising has the potential to utterly transform future interaction between advertisers and consumers.

For those who haven’t yet heard the terms “Interactive Voice Ads” or “Interactive Audio Ads”, or aren’t quite sure what they mean, here’s our definition:

“An Interactive Voice Ad is an audio ad that harnesses voice technology to prompt consumers to engage directly with an advertisement, using their own voice. Rather than deliver a static message, advertisers can implement a specific call-to-action within an ad that triggers a desired response from listeners, directly through a smart speaker.”

Why is this approach so effective? Because we live in a world, full of distraction, which creates a real challenge for brands to cut through the noise. This commercial experience is dynamic, engaging, captivating and interesting for listeners, and is likely to leave a lasting impression on a consumer.

Interactive Voice Ads are equally beneficial for the advertiser. Brands that leverage voice in this unique way can deliver a creative message that develops a direct response from a consumer, to engage with their brand, receive more information about a product, or even donate directly to a charity. This also means advertisers gain more insight into what drives consumer behaviour and decisions.

Over the past several years, smart speaker users have become more comfortable with talking to their digital devices, so we predict that consumers will be able to take action relatively intuitively. The nature of this type of commercial experience offers more convenience for listeners and is also extremely beneficial for advertisers, as they can instantly measure a campaign’s effectiveness and performance from the moment a listener interacts with the ad.

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