Hybrid In-Car Radio Launched in UK

Feb 2017  
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A hybrid in-car radio device has been launched by Radioplayer, which incorporates voice control.

Radioplayer Car automatically switches between FM, DAB and online reception to stay connected to a particular station whilst driving.

The unit is a small box that is professionally fitted behind the dashboard and links to the aux input on an existing car radio. It connects wirelessly to the driver’s smartphone, which is held in a supplied mount. The voice control system is woken by saying ‘Radioplayer’, then the name of a favourite station, which will automatically play on DAB, FM or mobile.

The system also enables drivers to Bluetooth their own smartphone music, take hands-free calls, listen to inbound text messages and receive instant audio travel news, customised by GPS to their location and direction of travel.

You might hear more about this on the radio, and that’s because Maple Street Creative have made the ads, which are running across UK radio for the launch. Neil Cowling, Creative Development Director at Maple Street Creative said: “Radioplayer Car acts as both a brilliant retro-fit for older cars like mine, and a blueprint for manufacturers of how simple and intuitive radio should be in all dashboards.”

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