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Jan 2020  RadioWorks Blog

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Despite all its flaws, we think January has more pros than cons. While this may seem hard to believe, what with the overwhelming stench of post-holiday blues still in the air, we need to give Jan a little more credit. This dreaded month is actually rather encouraging for many reasons, but particularly during the pre-holiday planning phase – a prospect I think we can all agree is far more exciting than manic exercise and juice cleanses!

For us agency folk, the gloomy winter months bring tons of exciting new opportunities. With today being Blue Monday, now’s the best time to banish the blues for those in need. And what better way to achieve this, than with an exciting audio travel sponsorship? Radio can be used effectively to target holiday goers by creating bespoke integrated content on air – after all, almost 50% of frequent travellers listen to commercial radio every week.

So to that end, here are a few exciting new opportunities your travel brands can get involved in this year:


Travel Sponsorship #1

– Virgin Radio Travel Podcast

virgin radio

On average, Virgin Radio listeners spend almost £3,000 a year on holidays and 30% are more likely to take up to 3 holidays! So to take advantage of this travel-heavy audience, there is an opportunity for your brand to run a bespoke campaign reaching over 1.5 million weekly listeners.

In partnership with your brand, Virgin Radio will create the ultimate guide to the specific destination/agency USP your client wishes to push. Each month, Virgin will dive into different aspects of the destination and showcase it to their listeners. This will take the form of a 90” advertorial which will air across key dayparts.

The recorded advertorials will then form the base for a podcast episode which allows the host to further explore the theme and story around it.

Video content featuring restaurant critics and columnists like Giles Coren could also be posted across the station’s Facebook page. Coren will take listeners on a journey of the best restaurants on location; meeting their local chefs and eating like a King.


Travel Sponsorship #2

– Jazz Travels

jazz travels

Jazz Travels with Sarah Ward is available to sponsor. This is a unique programme on Tuesdays at 9pm, where listeners’ imaginations are taken on a journey around the world with music in their backpacks.

Throughout this programme, Sarah speaks to musicians, authors, actors and more to provide an alternative look at travelling around the world, taking in the International Jazz Scene as well as stories from closer to home.

This travel sponsorship will enable your brand to really push its core messages. Throughout the campaign, the client will receive 30” show trails, 10” programme sponsored credits and a 60” feature during the Jazz Travels programme, each week.


Travel Sponsorship #3

– The Destination Guide

destination guide, jazz fm

Jazz FM will broadcast a destination guide featuring advice to listeners on where to visit at the start of this new decade.

Each advertorial feature will focus on a different destination with a brand spokesperson/journalist narrating the copy.

The number of different features (up to 10) is optional but your branding will top and tail the bulletin guide every time. Jazz FM presenters will also be an integral part of the promotion highlighting their favourite destinations.

As an additional but optional element, listeners will also be able to enter a competition to win a holiday(s), courtesy of your brand.

Online activity will include banners, interstitial and competition webpage.


Other Sponsorships

Specific sponsorships such and Weather and Traffic and Travel bulletins keep radio listeners up to speed with what is happening across the UK during key consideration times and would have an ideal synergy against any travel-related brand.

Throughout the week, your brand will receive branded credits, highlighting your brands key messages that are quick, engaging and to the point.

The station’s creative team will work with the client to produce branded credits that communicate the brand’s sales messages efficiently and effectively. And the creative message will be refreshed periodically across the campaign period to ensure the sponsorship continues to sound great on air, throughout.


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