Apple vs Spotify: Who does podcasts better?

Jan 2020  RadioWorks Blog

apple vs spotify

Today is Blue Monday – but fear not folks, we’re not here to dwell on today’s impending gloom as we’re sure you’re up to date with our top radio and podcasts to beat the January Blues. On the subject of podcasts, there’s been much debate about whether Spotify or Apple is officially number one for pod streaming… needless to say, it’s left us all a bit puzzled.

So, Apple vs Spotify, who does podcasts better? According to some, Apple still holds the podcast streaming crown yet, we’ve spotted various reports establishing Spotify as the number one podcast platform. If that wasn’t enough, many sources are even suggesting that both Spotify and Apple lead podcasts, and it’s all down to how you measure it. Confused? Well, the truth is, these findings come from varied sources with their own unique datasets and measurements, and as a result, there has been much debate about these metrics.

James Cridland of Podnews gave his take on the dispute and how to settle it. Here’s James Cridland’s view on the Apple vs Spotify debate:

Despite all of this uncertainty, one thing’s for sure – “the most important thing is: a hell of a lot of people are listening to podcasts now, and as a podcast industry, we should probably welcome this” – a point well made by Cridland.




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