Audioboom reveals new and returning original shows for 2020

Jun 2020  RadioWorks Blog

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Global podcast giant Audioboom has announced the premiere of its newest shows Truth vs Hollywood, Huddled Masses and Crime Weekly.  The media owner also revealed which of its top podcasts will be renewing for second seasons.

Truth vs. Hollywood

Movie fans are in for a treat this month with the launch of Truth vs. Hollywood. The Audioboom podcast, led by film fanatics David Chen and Joanna Robinson, examines the real-life stories behind the world’s most popular movies. “From the tragedy of Munich to the fun of Goodfellas, together they’ll explore the movies as well as what really happened, aided by interviews with writers, journalists, and the people who were there.” In exploring the true story and how it was portrayed

Crime Weekly

This new podcast, launching in September is a True Crime podcast hosted by Private Investigators Derrick Levasseur and Catherine Townsend. The pair will break down history’s most unforgettable crimes and relate them to similar cases dominating the current headlines of the week.

Huddled Masses

From the award-winning team behind the Dead Man Talking, Huddled Masses tackles the story of America in a time of great division.” Launching this autumn in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential election, writer Alex Hannaford and producer Peter Sale travel to the US border in Season 1, meeting the people most affected by Trump’s immigration restrictions. In Season 2, Hannaford and Sale visit the US swing states and speak with trans rights activists, Black Lives Matter protesters and anti-abortion campaigners.

Renewing for a second season this summer is Audioboom’s An Hour or So With… Sue Perkins, a conversation show with guests including Emma Thompson and Johnny Vegas. Another returning show is the True Crime podcast What Makes A Killer. Hosted by Jennifer Nittoso, this podcast will explore the murderous careers of 13 killers around the world.




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