IAB reports podcast revenue nears $1B plus, commercial radio boosts news output

Jul 2020  Radio News

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IAB reports podcast revenue nears $1B

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released its annual Podcast Advertising Revenue Study for 2019. It contains last year’s metrics and projections for 2020. The data is gathered from self-reporting from many of the industry’s leaders, plus “total market” estimates.

COVID-19 disrupted projections for 2020 expected growth, and the report includes both pre-COVID and post-COVID numbers.

Here are key points:

  • With an expected 14.7% growth rate for 2020 (with COVID disruption built in), podcast ad revenue will near $1-billion in 2020.
  • Q3 and Q4 revenues are expected to rebound.
  • Total market year-over-year revenue in 2019 ($708M) was an increase of 48% over 2018 ($479M).
  • The News category is the leading revenue generator, in the U.S., capturing 22% of revenues.
  • Host-read ads contributed 66% of podcast revenues in 2019 (not necessarily the same as 66% of the ads.)


New Radiocentre research finds that commercial radio boosts news output

New Radiocentre research has found that UK commercial radio stations increased their commitment to news and information significantly in the months since lockdown began. According to the industry body, stations have broadcasted 25% more news bulletins on average that last 28% longer.

These findings form part of a new report titled Commercial Radio: A force for good. It examines how the sector has responded to the coronavirus pandemic, not only by continuing to provide vital public value output to its 36 million listeners, but actually increasing the provision of essential news and information.


Former John Lewis Customer Director Craig Inglis on the future of retail

Ahead of his session at Radiocentre’s livestream event Tuning In Retail, John Lewis’ former Customer Director Craig Inglis answered questions on the retail sector, Christmas ads and the future of the high street.

The High Street was already facing very significant structural change. The coronavirus has turbo charged the change. The High Street will survive but it will be a different shape to what we have been used to with brands having fewer shops and using their physical spaces in different ways.


Bauer starts to roll out Hits and Greatest Hits to new radio stations

24 local radio stations are stepping up their transitions to Hits Radio and Greatest Hits Radio from next week as part of Bauer’s plans to integrate the four groups acquired last year.

From Monday 13th July, former Wireless and Celador stations that are becoming Greatest Hits Radio will feature shows from presenters including Mark Goodier, Pat Sharp, Andy Crane, Rossie and Alex Lester. The stations will retain their existing breakfast shows in the run-up to early September when they will fully switch over to Greatest Hits Radio. For the time being, Rossie – who does the Greatest Hits Radio national breakfast show – will be on these 21 stations at drivetime.




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