Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely to front KISS Breakfast

Jun 2020  RadioWorks Blog

Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely

KISS today announces its partnership with NOW TV to launch an all-new Breakfast Show, hosted by Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely. The streaming service will be the headline sponsor for both KISS Breakfast and Tyler’s chart show.

The partnership follows the KISS Network’s significant increase in streamed listening, achieving a 70% surge in average daily reach in the week of 25-31 May. The revamped show will aim to connect with valuable young listeners and maintain high levels of engagement, allowing NOW TV to speak directly to KISS’ loyal audience.

Jordan and Perri move to Breakfast on August 3rd having hosted weekends on KISS since 2019. The pair have received praise for their genuine on-air presence and ability to connect with listeners, making them the perfect fit for the prime morning slot.

Jordan and Perri said: “This is major!! The minute we stepped into KISS last year, it felt like coming home. We grew up listening to the station, vibing off the playlist and we feel it just ‘gets’ us. We couldn’t be anymore gassed to get to host the Breakfast show in an exciting new era for KISS.”

Daisy Maskell who currently co-hosts KISS Breakfast has landed her own show on KISS Fresh. She will take charge of the Breakfast Show from 13th July, playing non-stop fresh beats. Tom Green has decided to move on from KISS to explore new opportunities.

Daisy Maskell said: “I cannot wait to launch the brand new Breakfast Show on KISS Fresh and for us to grow this space together! There is so much passion and excitement surrounding its future so it’s such an honour to be a part of the driving force that will turn it into the UK’s biggest and best station for new music.”

Rebecca Frank, Content Director for the KISS Network said: “Jordan and Perri have such a unique chemistry together and affinity with the 15-34 audience, providing the perfect Breakfast show for NOW TV to directly speak to their audiences in a real, relatable way. KISS has been at the forefront this lockdown period – engaging with its audiences both on air and on social more than ever before – and we want to continue to provide them with the content that they crave. We can’t wait to see what they will bring to the show and are so excited that NOW TV will be on that journey with us.”




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