Kantar finds that marketers underestimate creativity and brand size plus, how brands can leverage the power of audio

Aug 2020  Radio News


Kantar Research: Marketers underestimate the role of creativity in effectiveness

New research from Kantar finds that marketers are overestimating the impact of factors such as brand versus performance and multimedia, and underestimating creativity and brand size when it comes to ad effectiveness.

This is not the first time marketers’ perceptions have failed to match with reality.

A study by Radiocentre in 2018 into perceptions of different media channels found that marketers thought direct media, paid social media and TV were best equipped to target the right people in the right place at the right time, with newspapers, radio and magazines bottom. However, research by Ebiquity found that it was actually radio that should have been top of the list while direct mail came in sixth.


Magic launches 100% Christmas station in a bid to ‘combat Covid-19 blues’

With four months to go until the big day, Magic has said now is the perfect time to start getting festive.

If the last six months have left you feeling a bit down in the dumps, then Magic just might have the solution for you.

24-hour Christmas music, anyone?

Yes, with four months to go until the big day, and the summer almost over for another year, Magic Radio has announced it’s launching its new Christmas station a little earlier than usual, in a move they’re saying is an attempt to “combat Covid-19 blues”.


Spotify is launching an exclusive League of Legends esports podcast

Spotify keeps adding to its exclusive podcast arsenal, and today, it’s getting into the esports space. The company announced a multiyear partnership with Riot Games that’ll make Spotify the hub for all League of Legends audio content, including exclusive podcast series.

At least one show will launch this year, called Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds, a nine-episode series that’ll lead up to the 10th League of Legends championship this fall. Listeners will hear about the players and top anthem through game highlights, interviews, and game sound effects.

Two music playlists, including the existing, “This is League of Legends,” will be updated regularly, too. Spotify’s also planning to dedicate a day to the Worlds Anthem, a song Riot releases every year to kick off its annual championship competition, to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at how the music was made.

The Verge

How brands can leverage the power of audio and adjust to the new normal

Mark Hatwell looks at the way supermarket and financial services brands have made effective use of audio during the pandemic.

The unprecedented impact of coronavirus has seen brands rein in their marketing budgets due to COVID-19 and according to GroupM’s Mid-Year forecast UK advertising spend will decline 12.5% during 2020 to £19.2bn, before rebounding in 2021.

While some sectors – FMCG for example – are better placed to weather the storm as the country begins to see green shoots of normality, brands need to adapt their strategies and respond to the ‘new normal’.

In the current climate, delivering ads in a trusted environment is vital and audio provides an effective communication channel between brands and consumers. In fact, recent research from Radiocentre explored the impact of radio ads on shoppers driving to buy groceries and revealed that radio ads reinforce brand loyalty among existing customers (+30%), encourage brand switching among non-customers (+39%) and significantly increase on-shelf brand viewability (+11%).

Perhaps most interestingly of all, at a time when many were feeling particularly alone and isolated, the lockdown demonstrated radio’s unique ability to connect with audiences on a truly human level and empathise with the ever-changing mood of the nation. During lockdown, brands particularly in the grocery retail and financial sectors, used audio advertising to appeal to consumers in three distinct need states – information and explanation, reassurance and connection, and distraction and escape. Here we take a closer look at how they achieved this.




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