Radio industry unites to thank NHS plus, how advertisers are using audio today

Mar 2020  Radio News


Audio: Radio industry unites to thank the NHS

Radio stations all over the UK came together to thank NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

A mass applause, coordinated under the #clapforourcarers hashtag on social media, showed the country’s gratitude to all the nurses, doctors, GPs, carers and many others working tirelessly to help fight the virus.

Radio Today

Has the virus changed how advertisers use audio?

However our days or mindsets might adapt over the coming weeks and months, there’s one thing that will never change, and that is our love of audio. How we all consume it has evolved and it’s true that some take it for granted and some only take notice of it when they need something from it. However, its undeniable efficiency of cost, its power of creativity, and its versatility to connect make it as constant and reliable as any bond in our modern lives. It’s why I posted old radio shows to my isolated Mum, it’s why Maple Street is providing daily soundtracks for the company whilst we all work remotely, and it’s why people always turn the radio on to see if it’s safe to go outdoors.

Maple Street Creative

4 positive radio initiatives you should know about

Across the country, people are recognising the power of radio, following notable mentions across live television, online and of course radio itself. As listeners reach for their radios for comfort and companionship in times of need, it presents a powerful opportunity for brands to deliver their message to an audience in a positive frame of mind. Here are some ways stations are helping their listeners with positive messages on air.


Podcasts that keep us sane

During what is for many, a very difficult & strange time, at Maple Street we thought we’d share some of the podcasts that are helping us get through the days & take our minds off the never-ending, anxiety feeding news cycle. If you can, sit back, moisturise those red raw mitts & take a moment to relax with a few our faves.




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