Nielsen Unveils Podcast Ad Effectiveness Tool

Oct 2019  RadioWorks Blog

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Over the past year, we’ve seen podcasts really move up in the world with weekly listening tripling in the last six years. Now sitting at 9 million (up from 7.6 million last quarter), listening is gradually creeping closer to 10 million which, according to DAX, could be achieved by 2020. Clearly the medium is becoming an essential part of consumers’ daily routines, and as a result, we’ve seen an influx of UK advertisers upping their podcast ad spend – 75% to be exact.

In response to this, Nielsen has released a measurement tool to help determine podcast ad effectiveness. Nielsen’s ‘Podcast Brand Effect’ solution will help advertisers “quantify the impact and effectiveness of their podcast ads” through relevant brand and content metrics.

Nielsen’s Head of Platforms, Amanda Woodley said: “… Advertisers, agencies and media owners, recognise the benefits of this new medium to reach consumers. However, though podcasts are now becoming an essential part of media plans, there remains a broad lack of understanding about their quantifiable effectiveness. Nielsen Podcast Brand Effect will help advertisers to unlock this understanding so they know what formats, types of podcast and audiences work best for their brand.”

With that said, it’s important to note that although we haven’t yet witnessed podcasts’ full potential, appreciation for the medium is certainly trending upwards. Podcasts are providing advertisers access to a fully engaged audience, and a platform to entwine key brand messages with entertaining content. This is undoubtedly fuelling more investment, research and respect for this growing space and we can expect to see really big things as podcasts become seriously big business.

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