Podcasting: A new generation of Influencer Marketing

Jan 2021  RadioWorks Blog

podcasting, influencer marketing

We scroll through miles of content on social media each week and spend a considerable amount of time doing so, yet a single post will likely grab our attention for a mere few seconds. This provides advertisers a very small window of opportunity to steal the spotlight.

Unlike fans of this visual medium and its influencers, fans of podcasters are engaged in a way that personalities on social media simply can’t compete with. These new influencers lock in their audience for 30 to 90 minutes at a time, with no interruption. This presents unrivalled value to brands and this powerful engagement that podcasters command, could lead to a new chapter for Influencer Marketing.

The future is certainly bright for the industry. In the UK, podcasts reach close to 16 million listeners each week, and according to Statista, reach is forecasted to grow to almost 20 million listeners by 2024. Additionally, the financial backing and major investments from the likes of Spotify and Amazon, who have spent over half a billion dollars combined, signals very promising things to come.

Suffice to say, podcasts are gaining huge traction with listeners. Its variety of content and its capacity to connect with a community of people, wherever they are, for as long as 90 minutes, is something brands should be tuning in to. This level of engagement and influence can provide advertisers a fast track to real fame. Unlike its visual counterparts, listeners are deeply invested in this long-form content. This environment is ideal for brands to thrive and by incorporating podcasts in the mix, advertisers could see a huge uplift in salience, in an otherwise overcrowded market.

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