Podcasts, the ‘Martini Medium’ plus, radio talks up its ad agility

May 2020  Radio News

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The year of the Martini Medium: when podcasts came of age

Here’s a first for a Maple Street posting; one that requires interaction. Well, more interaction than the usual passive digestion of words, ideas, and sentiments. I’d like you to take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you think count in favour of podcast listening. Let’s assume you’ve done it… Feeling confident? Click below to find out which ones you got correct, plus five podcast suggestions for you to enjoy.

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‘It’s so much easier than TV’: as listener numbers surge, radio talks up its ad agility

With ad spend retracting across the board, radio is determined to retain its partners says Katie Bowden, the commercial agency director at Global – the UK’s largest commercial radio company.

“Initially, there was shock and uncertainty,“ she says of the pandemic rendering many campaigns obsolete and pushing Global and other major players, such as Bauer Media, into rapid response mode. “Nearly all of our meetings were just advertisers trying to work out whether they should be on air or not.”

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Radioplayer upgrades app to help listeners stay informed

Radioplayer has introduced several new features to its app, including a Coronavirus Information button on iOS which will allow listeners access to the latest news about the pandemic at the click of a button.

This feature will automatically search all relevant radio stations that offer a selection of live news/speech stations and on-demand/podcast programmes that have the word ‘coronavirus’ in their metadata descriptions.


Bauer Media requests own Ofcom Approved Areas

Bauer has requested two new Approved Areas with Ofcom for the South of England and South West of England.

The request has gone to consultation but Ofcom says it is minded to approve it.

Bauer wants to create two new approved areas for 12 of its FM local radio stations in the South West of England and 12 in the South of England. Most of the stations are new to Bauer having been purchased in 2019 and survived an investigation by the CMA.


Heart gives away £1million to one radio listener

Heart’s Make Me a Millionaire came to a conclusion last week after Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden gave away a million pounds.

The competition has seen hundreds of winners take home prize sums of up to £30,000 and after an 11-week run on-air, the grand finale took place on Thursday.




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