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Mar 2020  RadioWorks Blog

each for equal

The RadioWorks Group today (Friday 6th March) announced the PodcastWorks Production of Each for Equal, a series in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Each for Equal is introduced by BBC broadcaster Sara Cox and hosted by British Podcast Award winner Frankie Wells. The series brings together women from the worlds of journalism, business and entertainment; including Katie Thistleton, Mariam Khan, India Willoughby, Shola Kaye, and Helen Lederer.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, each episode will focus on a particular issue, deemed most relevant by each guest, concerning female equality in 2020.

Host of the Each for Equal podcast Frankie Wells said: “What I gained in 15 minutes listening to these women on a range of topics has changed my perspective, empowered me and made me very proud to be a woman.”

“Although from different worlds with different views, it was amazing to come together with these different woman to listen, challenge and move forward together for IWD. Everyone should be listening.”

Head of PodcastWorks Ally Lang commented:The UK often looks down at other countries for their lack of liberalism, but hate crimes and domestic abuse in this country continue to increase. This podcast has given us an opportunity to discuss each other’s experiences and thoughts on the most pressing issues facing women today, and a platform that could communicate layered topics without reducing them to a news-length soundbite.”

Listen to the Each for Equal podcast

each for equal

Listen Here


This is a PodcastWorks production, produced by Anouszka Tate. The recordings took place at Maple Street Studios.




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