Introducing ‘RADAR Week’: A Roundup of All Things Digital Audio

Aug 2019  RadioWorks Blog

radar week

Earlier this year, we listed the primary reasons why audio should top the list in 2019. Audio: it’s trending, it’s growing and progressively becoming more and more intelligent with each year. So of course, as predicted, advertisers’ heads are turning – faster than you can say “I’ve got a text”. For that reason, we’ve decided to introduce a new quarterly feature to the RadioWorks Blog. One which promises to deliver all the movements within the landscape of audio, right down to the wire. Presenting RadioWorks’ very first RADAR Week.

What is RADAR Week?


what is radar

We know what you’re thinking – sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Sadly friends, RADAR does not factor in quarterly Radio figures. Though we’ll never cease to report the latest RAJARs, RADAR instead seeks to explore the latest quarterly Digital Audio figures. Starting today, RadioWorks Group will be bringing top headlines, market movements and the most up to date media owner stats.

According to this year’s RAJAR Summer MIDAS Report, approximately 53% of the UK population now listen to Digital Audio. With the proliferation of Digital Audio usage and the medium’s mainstream offerings and solutions for advertisers, one cannot afford to miss out on a one-stop-shop analysis for all Digital Audio results.

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