RADAR Week: 29 million UK adults listen to digital audio every week | 9.4 million listen to podcasts

Oct 2019  RadioWorks Blog


This summer, we announced the launch of our newest digital audio feature, ‘RADAR Week’. RADAR (RadioWorks’ analysis of digital audio results) is a roundup of all things audio, bringing you everything from top stats to the most recent market changes. This quarter’s results, pulled together using the latest audio listening reports, have left us with plenty to shout about. According to Rajar’s Autumn Midas Survey (2019), live radio still sits at number one for audio share, however the future holds great promise for both on-demand music (11%) and podcasts (4%) as the two continue to grow. With 29m UK adults tuning in to digital audio and 9.4m listening to podcasts every week, it’s safe to say that digital audio works.

Here are some of the top insights for the quarter. For a full RADAR report, contact the team today or alternatively, fill in the request form below.

On-Demand Music

When looking at on-demand listening, it’s worth noting that younger audiences aged 15-24 are tuning into more on-demand music than any other age group. Due to the increased popularity of platforms such as Spotify and Deezer, this channel is reaching more and more of this demographic each year, with reach at 60% (up almost 10%) and share up by 4%.


This category continues to flourish in the UK. Listening has increased consistently year-on-year and as of this quarter, 17% of adults now tune in to podcasts every week. Audiences prefer listening to podcasts by themselves (91%) and the smartphone is once again the preferred device for this intimate listening experience with 68% reach.

According to the BBC’s ‘Audio: Activated’ study (Sept, 2019) listening whilst engaged in an activity is brilliant in boosting the brain’s receptiveness to podcast messaging. This survey also found that listening is done mostly whilst driving/travelling (37%), relaxing (33%) and working/studying (26%).

Smart Speakers

Voice-activated speakers are used mainly to listen to live radio, with a 75% listening share, followed by on-demand music with 23%. Devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Sonos 1 have created new opportunities to listen to more audio and as a result, smart speakers have almost doubled in reach year-on-year (7% 2019 vs. 4%).

When listening to live radio, voice speakers account for the third largest audio share of UK adults (6%) behind DAB (45%) and AM/FM Radio (35%). These figures could increase slightly next quarter, as these devices are always on the most wanted list during the busy Christmas and Black Friday periods.


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