3 things to consider when attracting talent from home

Apr 2020  RadioWorks Blog

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve had to quickly adapt and react to the shifting needs in attraction strategies, with the intention of offering the best specialist advice to our clients.

While the impact on the market is alarming, in order to get the nation back on its feet, students still need to study, “workers still need to work, and consumers still need to consume.” The best thing you can do during these times is establish a positive outlook and review your strategy. This will assist enormously when things return to normal. Rather than ‘lay low’, we’ve urged our clients to adapt to the new circumstances, in order to secure a more promising future. Here are 3 things to consider when attracting talent from home.


Changing communications 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that silence is the best strategy during these times. However, keeping a low profile could do more harm than good, and in many cases is not the best approach. In fact, almost half (48%) of Brits stated they would trust brands less if they were to ignore the current circumstances.

With today’s fluctuating job market, your brand’s reputation matters more now than ever before. Students and employees alike will be faced with a degree of uncertainty. Unsure about their current position and future, candidates may explore other avenues to help continue their educational or occupational journey. Speaking to these people, and of course the essential workers who are indispensable at this time, will be crucial. Changing your tone and context will help maintain and cultivate a stronger employer brand.

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Picking the right platform

Media consumption has visibly shifted in recent weeks. Media consumption has visibly shifted in recent weeks and as a result, many have moved campaigns onto audio in quick succession. Audio’s ability to uplift the nation is such a precious commodity. Its capacity to comfort – priceless. For employer and education brands, this creates an opportunity to target an audience in a positive state of mind which according to Radiocentre, makes them more susceptible to messaging. Ultimately, adapting your plans and selecting the correct recruitment channels will ensure optimal delivery with minimal wastage.


Using your resources

Shaking hands with potential hires and pupils may not be possible at this stage, but maintaining interest and awareness is. The relationship between recruiter and candidate does not start with an application. This journey begins the very moment that they’re introduced to your brand. Universities and colleges are unable to host open days through traditional means, affecting the “pre-applicant” stage. Therefore, creating an experience from home is vital as candidates will still be evaluating your brand and deciding whether or not to apply.

So, letting your audience know what is available to access, be it a virtual tour or free information online, is so important. Audio has always been a channel we turn to in times of need, making it the most relevant channel to communicate and encourage your future applicants.


As the temporary norm evolves we’ll keep updating you with the latest news and why radio is such an important tool in light of the current climate. For more information, please contact the RadioWorks team



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